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Holiday Stress

The holidays can be such a special and stressful time. Unfortunately the stress often tips the balance, making it hard to enjoy special events and people. Try paring down your list of “should” to help you be in the moment and freely experience the holidays. Changing one thing can produce major results. Maybe you can have a cookie exchange instead of feeling that you have to make all the treats simply because you always have.

Even small changes may require a shift in how you view yourself, and that can create stress too. Care consideration of the changes you choose to make, and the possible consequences, can be just the preparation needed to be successful.

Now go and enjoy the holidays! Read More 
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Managing Stress

Now that fall schedules are well under way, it’s time to reclaim a little control by taking a look at self-care and coping strategies. Just getting out on the road during rush hour can have a negative impact on your mood and elevate your stress levels, but what choice do you have?  Read More 
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