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Epiphany probably has a million definitions. It’s the occurrence when the mind, the body, the heart, and the soul focus together and see an old thing in a new way.
~ Maya Angelou

The holidays often seem to precipitate the revelation of epiphanies - changes that allow us to see ourselves and others in a different light. Perhaps it is because many people seem to be more “open” around the holidays.

Feeling a greater connection to others often results in being more understanding, more empathic, and more generous. Try being generous with yourself this holiday season and see what differences you may notice. Not more generous in terms of material gifts, although that is often tempting when shopping for others, but in terms of a generous spirit toward yourself.

Allow a sense of wonder at this special time of year in yourself, your potential, and your future. An optimistic outlook and a sense of freedom can ensue from a change in perspective. Enjoy the magic of the season with the fresh wonder of a child and an epiphany may change your life.
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