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Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a day to cherish all those relationships that are important in our lives. Studies and anecdotal data have long supported the critical role that close relationships play in enhancing the quality of our lives, even contributing to the ability to live longer! The impact of stress is reduced by socializing with others. And the interaction may be as simple as a phone call or text, or as involved as attending a weekend-long conference or music festival. Exercising with a friend is another great example of accelerating the benefits of two different kinds of healthy activities. Exercise alone is a proven source of reducing stress, but if you are able to exercise with a friend, the benefits increase. You are more likely to exercise consistently with a buddy, and you get more stress reduction by talking while exercising.

Even if your valentine is a companion animal rather than a human, you both can still benefit from spending time together. Researchers have looked at the value of this bond in terms of decreased blood pressure and found that the simple act of petting an animal lowers stress factors for both you and your animal friend.

Take time today to cultivate the relationships that are important to you, and everyone will end up feeling better. Spread a little love  It’s good for your heart and soul! Read More 
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