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Blooming Blog

Thankfulness in Everyday Life

Now that we have officially recovered from Thanksgiving, it’s time to settle back into normal routines. I would like to challenge you to include extending the themes of simple gratitude and thankfulness for the people and pleasures of daily life as part of your routine. What did you find yourself feeling thankful about during the recent holidays?

Although uncertainty abounds in our lives, how you choose to focus your attention can help you manage anxiety and uncertainty. What did you focus on during the recent holiday? Perhaps the madcap task of preparing a holiday “feast,” or the travel to get to family and friends. Regardless of the energy and challenges associated with getting to, through, and back from the holidays, immerse yourself in the memory of those moments. What brought you joy? What calmed your heart? What helped you forget any stress or pressure you were feeling?

As magical as it sounds, you can use those moments to ease your anxiety on a daily basis. Emotions are not grounded in words or thoughts, but memories carry emotion. Use those memories to help you glide along without fear or anxiety for a few moments each day, and you’ll be feeling thankful for the new sense of calm you have created for yourself.
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