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Blooming Blog

Energize yourself!

Spring is a time of rejuvenation – who can’t help but feel energized by all the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom at this time of year? And the concept of rejuvenation applies to your own creative process as well. It can be all too easy to become distracted or sidetracked by leaky faucets, the laundry, or even a leisurely stroll.

Though, an important distinction with the last example of a leisurely stroll is that it can become a catalyst for creativity. A walk in the park or around the neighborhood at this time of year offers multiple opportunities for mindfulness, moving the walk from the ordinary into the extraordinary realm of moving meditations.

For many people, traditional meditation feels too foreign or rigid to be rejuvenating because of the difficulty of getting into or keeping up the practice. But a simple walk can serve the same purpose by taking your mind off chores while grounding you in the moment. By paying attention to your surroundings, the lovely spring breeze, the beautiful scent of lilacs and the rich colors of early flowers in bloom, you are transported away from the mundane “to-do list” into the fertile field of immediate experience. Being in the moment leads you into a wonderful balance between sensory awareness and receptivity to creative ideas. Releasing yourself from the constraints of daily chores – even for a few minutes – allows you the freedom to explore new possibilities within your life by letting go of worry, anxiety, or negative thoughts.

And once you become more adept in being able to experience the immediacy of the moment, you are also able to “practice” that state of mindfulness at will. The walks become a starting place for being able to manage stress, inviting creativity into your life, and enjoying a general sense of well-being. Experience spring – and rejuvenate your creative goals!
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