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What Made You Smile as a Child?

I recently attended the funeral of a long-time family friend – someone who had known me all my life. Reminiscing with their daughter at the visitation and after the funeral brought back many childhood memories and shared experiences. Those discussions also sparked the question, what made you smile – as a child? And how is that important in our lives as adults?

In many cases, connecting with what made us smile as children is a way to make us smile as adults as well. To spark creativity, it is often helpful to connect with activities that were enjoyable in childhood. The joy of feeling the breeze on your face as you ride a bike, or the satisfaction of picking up a paintbrush and creating something out of nothing on canvas. A shared component of any of these activities is the ability to lose track of time…any creative activity moves us out of that space where we think about time. The act of creating is so consuming that you lose track of time. The activity itself is pure joy and pure self-expression.

I challenge you to reminisce about what made you smile – as a child – and then start putting a smile on your adult face by getting lost in the very same activity!
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