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Blooming Blog

Everyday Creativity

Creative expression is the song of your Soul. ~ Deanna Pledge

Creativity does make the Soul sing. It is absolutely one of the most joyful ways to bring satisfaction and connection into your daily life. I’m sure you have heard me suggest (perhaps more than you would like to hear ;-) that creativity is not just the realm of artists, poets, and musicians. Even though I have provided general suggestions, I wanted to share a personal example today in the hopes of making creativity far more accessible, and give you a concrete strategy to get started.

My granddaughter and I spent some time together one afternoon this week. Earlier in the week, I was cutting up some fresh celery and noticed the lovely pattern the stalks make at top of the base I had just cut off. Instead of brushing off that fleeting thought, I cleaned and re-wrapped the base of the celery in the plastic in anticipation of time with my 5 year old granddaughter later in the week. When she arrived, I suggested the activity and she was intrigued. We pulled out her basic set of watercolors, the celery stalk, and some paper. She quickly set about brushing a thick coat of watercolor paint on the cut end of the celery and stamped out the design on to the paper, making lovely roses and a beautiful sun on the paper, finishing her designs with stems and other details drawn with her markers. Before much time had passed, she had created a counting book of her lovely designs.

The joy that we both felt came out of a deep sense of connection and a shared creative activity. In addition, being able to create something beautiful – and practical – from everyday objects is profoundly satisfying and builds a sense of what psychologists call self-efficacy. Self-efficacy means that we feel capable and confident of meeting the challenges life presents to us. Who knew that a simple art activity using “found” objects could be so critical to our well-being? But then again, that is the repeated message of my blog and the ability to “Bloom Where You are Planted.”

Keep blooming, my friends, and remember that by simply paying attention – being mindful – in daily activities, you can find joy!
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