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The Power of Imagination

Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
~Albert Einstein

Einstein has captured the essence of visualization in this brief quote. I love the exuberance and joy expressed in this simple statement, because it is so true for all of us. It reminds me of the unlimited imagination we see in many children.

I invite you to engage in that kind of imaginative play for yourself as you imagine the coming attractions in your own life. Granted, imagination can also preview worries and anxieties, but I am hoping that for all of my readers, the emphasis is on the positive aspects of manifesting your dreams into realities!

The focus on worries and anxieties actually does have a developmental component in that as we experience more in our lives; we become aware of the negative possibilities as well. Think of the vastly different reactions that an adolescent and a mother may have to a close call in an auto accident, for example. The teen is probably just glad it’s over, while the mom may actually re-visit how much worse it could have been, exemplifying her mature recognition of how dire the consequences could actually have been. Set aside the worry and follow your inner child to let yourself play with the positive aspects of imagination this week.

Let’s apply the power of visualization to your dreams and goals. In previous posts, we have discussed the similarity to sports psychology – those athletes who use the technique to become more confident in their abilities to “win the race.” What is your race? How do you want the important people in your life to think about you? What wonderful accomplishment will they share with you? Do you see them admiring something you have created? Are you being recognized by your community for your contributions? What award commemorates your accomplishment? Use these simple questions to create your own imaginative blueprint to manifest your dreams. First, you must imagine it…..Enjoy!
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