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Blooming Blog

Manifest Your Dreams

You cannot see anything that you do not first contemplate as a reality. ~ Ramtha

Last week I challenged you to begin shifting your mindset. No, I didn’t use that word, but re-focusing your perspective shares many characteristics. Another term psychologists use for changing how you think about things is “reframe." If we compare it to common old sayings, I’m sure you have heard of making lemonade out of lemons or looking for the silver lining. Like so many psychological concepts, the wisdom of repeated human experience often echoes back similar approaches to life.

To shift your mindset, you first must be able to identify, explain, or visualize the endpoint of what you want to achieve. This is very similar to the approach of a top athlete who uses techniques from sports psychology to visualize herself successfully hitting the ball or clearing hurdles with ease. Visualization involves forming a picture in your mind of what it is you want to achieve. Over time our brains cannot distinguish between the visualization and reality. Another adage describing this process is “acting as if”. The brain begins to accept the visualization as if it were your reality.

Of course, to develop that reality for yourself, the visualization has to be followed by deliberate and consistent practice. But starting with the visualization process can also give you the courage and self-confidence to pursue the actual practice. Once you can begin to think of yourself as an artist, an activist, an athlete, or whatever you have "in mind," you have given yourself permission to pursue the actions necessary to develop the skill, whether that includes taking a class, joining the gym, or attending a meeting.

Daydreams can become the first glimpse of your future self. Challenge yourself this week to shift your mindset and begin to “see” yourself as you do in your dreams! It can be the first step as you begin to bloom. . . Enjoy!
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