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Thankfulness in Everyday Life

November 29, 2016

Tags: thankfulness, mindfulness, anxiety, stress management

Now that we have officially recovered from Thanksgiving, itís time to settle back into normal routines. I would like to challenge you to include extending the themes of simple gratitude and thankfulness for the people and pleasures of daily life as part of your routine. What did you find yourself feeling thankful about during the recent holidays?

Although uncertainty abounds in our lives, how you choose to focus your attention can help you manage anxiety and uncertainty. (more…)

Imagination, Knowledge, and Anxiety

October 14, 2014

Tags: imagination, knowledge, anxiety, expert, novice, experience, creative tension

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
~Albert Einstein

Last post we talked about the importance of imagination in manifesting your dreams. If you canít dream it, you canít make it happen. (more…)