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September 14, 2011

Tags: women, creativity, wellness, joy, resilience, motivation, stressors

Remember the wonder you experienced as a child?

You can still tap into that childlike joy as an adult, and such enthusiasm can change the quality of your daily life!

Life “gets in the way” for many of us as women at critical points throughout our lives. For most women that involves caring for others or putting your own dreams aside for another day, another year, or another decade! Although caring for others is a wonderful attribute, it can leave you feeling set aside.

If that decision to follow your dreams is a long-time coming, the positive energy in life often gets drained away along with the dreams you once entertained for yourself. Resentment and lack of motivation can accompany stagnant dreams, ultimately affecting relationships – the very reason you may have set aside those dreams in the first place! What an ironic outcome, but one with which many women struggle. A lack of balance is often a key contributing factor in many women’s lives that underlies feelings of discontent.

Internal imbalance is often exacerbated in times of uncertainty and challenge. Such stressors can make it difficult to feel good about daily life and our reaction to all the challenges and obligations facing us. This is true for people in all walks of life, but women are typically the primary carriers for burdens of this type throughout our lives.

How is it that some people maintain a positive outlook even in the face of adversity? I invite you to follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter to discover how the Bloom Where You’re Planted approach can help you build resilience and develop an optimistic outlook that contributes to your overall well-being. Bloom Where You’re Planted encourages and instructs on a number of critical skills to help you regain a sense of direction, control, and joy similar to that childlike wonder about daily life.

Sometimes just a simple twist in perspective or a slight behavioral shift toward a continuing curiosity invites joy and satisfaction into your life. Bloom Where You’re Planted offers manageable strategies and opportunities for change into the areas of your life where you are most receptive and ready for change. Join me for the journey!